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Nice to meet you.

Our Story

Notion Fabric & Craft was established in 2019 to bring quality sewing, knitting, and embroidery supplies to Central Vermont's community of makers.


We believe that everyone has a fiber crafting story. Sewing and knitting tap into a deeply ingrained urge to make things with our hands. Whether you learned at your grandmother's knee, always wanted to try, or never thought you would, we hope that Notion will inspire you to create in community.

My Sewing Story

Mary Margaret Groberg, owner of Notion

Hi, I'm Mary Margaret Groberg, the owner of Notion Fabric and Craft. My mom sewed all of our Halloween costumes (among many other things) when I was growing up. I remember visiting the fabric store together and letting my imagination run free as we browsed the huge pattern books to pick the perfect style.

I'm not sure how old I was when she taught me how to sew on her huge all-metal Kenmore machine, but it fueled my dress-up obsession. One memorable project was a medieval dress for an elaborate play that I staged with my babysitter when I was around nine.

Years after I moved away from home and left my mom's sewing machine behind, I treasured the memory of her making all those costumes for me. I wanted a family someday, and I knew it would make me feel connected to my mom if I could sew for them. So in 2014, I asked Santa for a sewing machine. And what can I say? I got the bug.

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